Mr W K

Mr P H
April 10, 2017
Mr CT dJ
July 28, 2017

“I met Dr Roytowski on December 31st 2016 after being admitted to Netcare Christiaan Barnard Hospital as I literally could not walk owing to severe sciatica pain associated with by back.

His calm demeanour and expert analysis after meeting me put me at total ease which was reassuring considering the time of year I found myself in this predicament … his patience, bed side manner and overall professionalism is a credit to the profession he is a part of.

Before, during and after my 2 operations which he administered in 4 days in January displayed his sense of patient care, dedication and all round humility as a person, as my stay was over a long period I saw first-hand what an amazing neurosurgeon he really is , with conviction nor favour would I  recommend Dr Roytowski – his passion for what he does daily in treating and helping others is truly remarkable.

He is a true ambassador and I would highly recommend him to all going forward in.”