"Dr. David Roytowski is the best in the business. He is very professional and an amazing human being. I can't thank Dr. Roytowski enough for helping me in such a short period amid the COVI-19 pandemic. I highly recommend Dr. Roytowski and his highly skilled team"


"Approachable, warm and friendly. Ensured I was fully aware of all risks and knew what to expect. Following surgery, he visited daily and provided progress updates. Made regular contact with my wife and kept her up to date with progress. Fairly important with her being unable to visit during Covid19 lockdown. Inspires confidence."


"Dr. Roytowski was very precise and clear in explaining the procedure. Everything went off well and all involved in the operation was friendly and helpful"

Mrs LA

"I feel extremely lucky and fortunate to have Dr. Roytowski and his team looking after me. They are all top class and great people. If I have one niggle it is getting Discovery's endless forms filled in comprehensively is a bit of a problem! Thank you all"


"Receptionist fairly incompetent but friendly. I like the fact that there is a 'group' of Doctors that work together regularly for this procedure."


  1. Long wait for feedback on X-rays and MRI scan
  2. Problems with communication through "virtual office"
  3. Doc very profession when you're able to speak to him


"Dr. Roytowski is an excellent surgeon, our experience with him from the initial diagnosis to the pre and post surgery follow up's was extremely professional. At all times Dr. Roytowski was responsive, informative and most importantly empathetic. His staff are professional, helpful and courteous - aware of the trauma that patients and their family's are experiencing. We would recommend Dr. Roytowski and his team without reserve."


"I couldn’t walk until after the operation. Thanks to dr Roytowsky …   Dr Roytowsky did an amazing job and is indeed a proffessional neurosurgeon!   Dr Roytowsky is highly recommendable!!!"


" Dr Roytowski is an amazing person and neurosurgeon. Whenever I spoke to him, he always put me at ease. I was so at ease that I felt that I can overcome this tumor, like I am ready to put up a fight. This made me a stronger person and wanting to fight all the way. He’s professionalism and empathy was and will always be appreciated! Even though it is one of the worst news to hear that I had a brain tumor, I couldn’t have been blessed with a better Neurosurgeon than Dr Roytowski to explain everything in detail. Thank you to his amazing team as well for making my family feel at ease as well. Thank you Dr Roytowski for being an AWESOME surgeon.. My family calls you The “Tumor-nator” "

Mrs VW

"I would like to thank Dr. Roytowski for his professionalism, kindness and the way he made me feel at ease in a situation that was so scary and unknown. I have such respect for Dr. Roytowski and his team and can honestly say that I felt like I was in the best possible hands for this specific procedure."


"Dear Dr. Roytowski, I want to take a moment to let you know that I am doing really well. Now that I am completely pain free, looking back I cannot believe that I was living with so much pain for so long. As long as I look after myself and rest enough I am great. I am deeply grateful that you took on my case and that God blessed the work of your hands in helping me. Recovery was really hard for me and I am so happy that I took the time I needed to get well."

Mrs LV

"The whole experience was handled extremely professional by Dr Roytowski and his team. His expert pre-assessment calmed my anxiety in preparation for the operation. His close monitoring thereafter played a huge role in the recovery. He explained everything in detail and answered my questions with patience and care. Thank you Dr Roytowski, I could not have chosen a better surgeon to place my full try in. I am actively recommending his par excellance services."


"I want to thank Dr Roytowski and his team for the excellent care I received before and after my procedures. They were very professional as well as very confident throughout my stay in hospital. Dr Roytowski made it possible for me to come home to my family to live my life normally again to see without having tunnel vision. I would recommend anyone who needs special care to Dr Roytowski, he is a remarkable surgeon and a true gentleman. I really appreciate his help."

Mrs M vdM

"Initial appointment took six days, but I received prompt surgical help after that. Surgery occurred seven days after that appointment where doctor managed to fit into current schedule. Surgery went well and I was able to leave hospital after three days."


"I was happy to be treated with professionalism and care. I had good service from all doctors involved in my surgery. Can get a bit confusing sometimes since everyone has their own opinion regarding certain questions I posed."

Mrs TL



"I was very happy with all the services that I received from Dr. Roytowski and his staff. Very helpful and friendly. Dr. Roytowski is an amazing person and I immediately felt comfortable when I met him the first time. I am doing really well after two operations performed by Dr. Roytowski due to my acromegaly."


"Dr. Roytowski never pressurized me into having surgery but allowed me to return home to make an informed decision. Lelani was extremely helpful by making the admittance procedure a breeze. I would recommend a follow up email to the patient a week post-op to find out if all is ok as there are no follow up appointments after surgery."


"I am happy, Thanks Dr. Roytowski. God Bless You"


"Dr Roytowski and his team were simply outstanding. The care, skill, professionalism and treatment were world class. Dr. Roytowski is a superb surgeon and thorough gentleman. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Roytowski to anyone in need"


"Dr. David Roytowski is a very friendly, caring, thorough and professional surgeon. He took on my mother’s operation in a most professional and caring manner. He took pride and personal interest in a ‘project’ that both he and D Monteiro endeared themselves to. Well done and thanks."


"This has been one of the best experiences I have ever had with a doctor. I will definitely sing his praises to all that will listen and recommend to all that need his services."


"My whole back / pain issue was dealt with high professionalism. Dr Roytowski is a brilliant doctor and surgeon."


"This being a difficult time in our lives, Dr Roytowski (and his staff) made us feel at ease all the time. He is an absolute “fundi” in his area and a gentleman. Thank you for being part of my journey."


"Best doctor ever! Dr Roytowski is an excellent neurosurgeon. He reacts fast and diligently in emergency situations. He ensures a rigorous follow-up with his team. Dr Roytowski has a good psychological approach with his patients and ensures that they are in a positive mindframe so that they can heal faster. He is a very caring and friendly doctor."


"Successful operation. Feeling Good. I am living"

Mr H B

"We met Dr Roytowski on very short notice. From the start he was very confident in his diagnosis and what our treatment options were. I was very happy with the no-nonsense approach by Dr Roytowski in providing his service, helping to get things in place as soon as possible. He went out of his way to assist with the appointments to see the various specialists. The team he assembled acted very professionally and were fully dedicated to the success of the operation and post-op treatment and would recommend their specialists services to anybody in need. The success of the operation surpassed all expectation, and I fully believe it was due to his expertise and detailed preparations for the operation."

Mr P vW

"What I would like to share is your remarkable ability to reassure a nervous patient by both word and deed. You have written a paper on litigation in your field and its effect on the nature of risk appetite your colleagues are prepared to have, resulting in a defensive rather than cutting edge outcomes. Into your practice walks an advocate, police officer, paramedic ..... you even remark that I have the professional characteristics of a nightmare patient - but you still took my case, literally in your stride. The reason I stuck with you despite getting a second and a third opinion from imminent colleagues of yours was your humble confidence in your ability and big match temperament - that simple.

Surgery when "well" was a terrifying prospect for me but one made better by my choice to abandon my fears and hand over all control and trust to you. Your patient interaction makes this decision easy. Any man who has your medical credentials as well as business credentials and who has tasted the rich but poor life of the corporate world and chooses to come back to his patients for his soul is - a man easily trusted with our body and soul as patients. You did everything from medical aid authorization to anesthetic arrangements etc etc - all I had to do was arrive.

Your follow ups were regular and catered to my level of knowledge, all of my funny requests for specimens and photos - were endured with a smile - nothing was too much for your patient it seems. I will always be a "walking and continent advertisement for your surgical skill but not only that I will be an ambassador for your humanity as well. Feel free to use my case, reference or link with me as you may have a need to.

Thank you for another lease on life. I always tell my students that "the greatest gift one man can give another is an enhanced quality or quantity of life - it unlocks infinite potential for all concerned"

You do that daily but mostly on Tuesdays....

Kind regards"

Adv TJ I-S

"I would like to thank Dr Roytowski for performing the emergency operation. Dr Roytowski continuously ensured me that my family and I were assured and comfortable throughout the procedures. He further communicated clearly at all times with my family and I and we are grateful for the patience experienced in answering all the questions asked. Dr Roytowski interactive manner and professionalism make him a top class doctor who we would quickly recommend to those requiring expertise of his skillset."

Mr CT dJ

"I met Dr Roytowski on December 31st 2016 after being admitted to Netcare Christiaan Barnard Hospital as I literally could not walk owing to severe sciatica pain associated with by back. His calm demeanour and expert analysis after meeting me put me at total ease which was reassuring considering the time of year I found myself in this predicament … his patience, bed side manner and overall professionalism is a credit to the profession he is a part of. Before, during and after my 2 operations which he administered in 4 days in January displayed his sense of patient care, dedication and all round humility as a person, as my stay was over a long period I saw first-hand what an amazing neurosurgeon he really is , with conviction nor favour would I  recommend Dr Roytowski – his passion for what he does daily in treating and helping others is truly remarkable. He is a true ambassador and I would highly recommend him to all going forward in."

Mr W K

"On my visit to Dr Roytowski he introduced himself to my wife and I.  As a pensioner naturally I felt a bit nervous. Doctor made sure we were  comfortable before proceeding to explain. He went to great lengths to explain, with the utmost patience, what exactly was wrong with me. He used the computer to make sure we completely understood what to expect. He explained to me clearly how to use the medication and gave us the assurance that we could call at any time if we had any queries. I felt very confident being in his care. We left not only feeling very relieved but also very impressed about the way doctor Roytowski treated us. We wouldn't hesitate recommending him to anyone else."

Mr P H

"I am a 67 year-old work-active individual and have been plagued by regular and persistent headaches I would dare say, every other day for more than 15 years. That now, seems to have dissipated. During October 2016 on the advice and insistence of my cardiologist, I underwent an MRI to determine the status quo of my brain. The results confirmed the existence of a pituitary macro adenoma.

As I later understood, any unnecessary delay in performing surgery to correct this condition would at the very least result in partial eye-blindness and/or worst. I was referred to an ophthalmologist who conducted various procedures. He concluded that I was still in possession of my normal optical abilities. The neurologist at Gatesville Medical Centre shared the MRI images with me and advised that further investigation was at that time needed. He recommended I consult Dr. David Roytowski at Christian Barnard Memorial hospital, a physician who, in his opinion is one of the finest neuro-surgeons in the country.

I subsequently arranged an interview with Dr. Roytowski. At our first meeting he explained my condition in some depth. He furthermore sketched the procedure he would follow in removing the tumour which he recommended we do. I became aware of the dangers as well as the positives associated with the procedures and hence I declared my unreserved intention to undergo this surgery.

At that time I was also informed that the procedure required the active services of a supporting medical team. I was introduced to Dr. Pedro Monteiro, an E.N.T. and Base Skull surgeon, as well as to Dr. Zane Stevens, a leading Endocrinologist. My understanding was that the former would provide adequate access to my brain via my nostrils and thereby allow for Dr. Roytowski to remove the tumour. Dr. Stevens would closely monitor the functions of the pituitary gland as well as the results of blood tests. In my understanding of the entire procedure, each medical professional provided essential services without which I dread to say, would not have had the results it achieved.

Prior to surgery, I had in-depth interviews with Drs. Monteiro and Stevens. The pre-surgical and post-operative procedures were literally engrained in my mind before I even entered the operating theatre, and I can unreservedly say that I was mentally and emotionally prepared for the procedure that lay ahead. 15 November 2016 was the day I underwent surgery at C.B. Memorial Hospital. The procedure was successful, thanks to all concerned…and modern medicine… and equipment! It’s been almost 5 months since then and I feel great! I have not experienced any significant headaches or discomfort at all.

I partake in all work and leisure-related activities as I had done previously. I still think clearly and my emotional and psychological state of mind has not altered in any negative ways. But most remarkable of all, is the post-operative care I am receiving from those amazing doctors. The level of care and genuine concern has re-assured me that I will be fine, come what may! Apart from a testosterone supplement that I am required to receive, my hormone levels are pretty much OK. The understanding that my medical health will be monitored and managed by your incredible team going forward is indeed comforting.

Dr. Roytowski, I thank you for giving me another shot at life, and salute you for your incredible medical prowess."

Mr K M

"I arrived in Cape Town a few days before the running of the 21km Two Oceans in 2016. While out training run I started to feel excruciating pain in my neck,shoulder and arm. My wife immediately called our GP Dr Neville Kaplan who in turn contacted Dr Roytowski for me.

On receiving a call from Dr Roytowski he advised me to be admitted to the Netcare Christiaan Barnard  Hospitals Casualty Department .Once admitted he would immediately see me.

Dr Roytowski showed me great care and compassion. He stayed in contact with Dr Kaplan. Both Doctors  arranged me to see a neurosurgeon on my return to Johannesburg. On the Sunday before returning to JHB, Dr Roytowski brought my MRI to my home Sea Point which I thought was a fantastic and unselfish gesture as my wife Loren and I were under so much strain and pressure.

Happily the operation in JHB was a success. Without David  care I do not know how I would have coped with the pain while in Cape Town and my return home.

Hopefully on the 15th April 2017 I will be running the Two Oceans 21km race.

Thanking you for all your help"

Mr D S

"My name is Ghayaat Parker  48 yrs old and was diagnosed with Acromeglia in 2016. I developed a tumour on my brain and due to my condition; it affects my heart and soft tissue as it does not stop growing. If not treated it can result into heart failure or stoke.

I was introduced to Dr Roytowki as a neurosurgeon to have a look at my condition.  Everything changed from that day. The idea of brain surgery was overwhelming but Dr Roytowski told me he has a less invasive method which involves only surgery through my nose. That was such a relief already. I was introduced to the ENT specialist and the Endocrinologist personally by Dr Roytowski.  Knowing who will be involved in my process during theatre was reassuring.

Every step was explained to me to the extent that when it all happened I knew what the nursing staff had to do.  From moment of surgery nothing matters as much as seeing the one person that holds your future in their hands which is your Doctor.  My surgeon was the last face I saw before going into theatre and the first face I saw waking up. I cannot emphasis how much that play a role in your recover.  I was in hospital for few weeks and every single day including weekends Dr Roytowski was at my bed side checking up on me and keep me posted on my recover. That was very reassuring.

I am stable in my condition now and being monitored on regular basis. I am still receiving treatment as Dr Roytowski was very forth coming that my tumour will not be removed completely due to its size and how it is situated.

The entire year after surgery, Dr Roytowski made a call to enquire about my well being and is still involved in my process currently. I am thankful to Dr Rowtowski and his team that assisted."

Mrs G P

"It is so nice to hear from you and following up on the progress of my health. I still have slight pain in my left upper arm but it is 90% better than before. The scar in my neck has of course healed completely and is slowly fading away. I hardly have any back or neck pain other than the slight old age aches and pains. I went back to dance school in October last year and at the moment hard at work practicing my belly dance choreography for the Cape Town carnival happening 18th March.

However, I am taking it slow and not exerting myself too much. Thank you so kindly for all your assistance and checking up on me. You are one of the best Neurosurgeons and I will definitely recommend you."

Mrs L D

"I was received , treated and handled by Dr. Roytowski in a professional , understanding , friendly and efficient manner and as a meticulous medical specialist he is one of the best I have had dealings with and I would have no hesitation in recommending the good Doctor to any prospective patient in need of his care"

Mr V E