International Patients

International Patients

South Africa offers very attractive medical care options for foreign patients. Our facilities are world-class, the medical training is of an exceptionally high standard and the rates for procedure highly competitive.


Cape Town, in particular, is a tourist focused and friendly destination, with countless appealing non-medical options and activities.


Should you wish to have a consultation and surgery by Dr Roytowski, please make contact via email. You are welcome to contact me directly.


Prior to any surgical planning, it is imperative that I see you for a formal clinical consultation. This session is to determine and plan the most appropriate management and treatment for your condition.


If surgery is recommended, it is necessary that you are seen by our anesthetist and you are admitted to hospital at least the day before the planned operation. Given the variety of neurosurgical and spinal procedures – the details, length of surgery and recovery period will need to be discussed on an individual basis. I’m am happy to give an indication of the likely surgery and recovery interval period prior to planning travel. However it is best to plan with flexibility in mind.


If you have any medical conditions, please inform the practice in advance, as this may influence the advice regarding travel, planned procedure or length of recovery. Please ensure that you stop taking any aspirin containing medication 7 days prior to your consultation.


Long-haul travel with lengthy seating periods increases the risk of developing clots in the deep veins (venous thrombosis). The risk of thrombosis may be somewhat reduced by increasing your activity on board the aircraft with regular walks through the cabin, ensuring adequate hydration by drinking water, avoiding alcohol and wearing thrombosis stockings.


Our practice will be happy to review your case, prepare a cost quotation that will include the hospital costs and assist with travel logistics through selected, reliable and vetted partners.

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