Adv TJ

Mr CT dJ
July 28, 2017
Mr P vW
August 14, 2017

“What I would like to share is your remarkable ability to reassure a nervous patient by both word and deed. You have written a paper on litigation in your field and its effect on the nature of risk appetite your colleagues are prepared to have, resulting in a defensive rather than cutting edge outcomes. Into your practice walks an advocate, police officer, paramedic ….. you even remark that I have the professional characteristics of a nightmare patient – but you still took my case, literally in your stride. The reason I stuck with you despite getting a second and a third opinion from imminent colleagues of yours was your humble confidence in your ability and big match temperament – that simple.

Surgery when “well” was a terrifying prospect for me but one made better by my choice to abandon my fears and hand over all control and trust to you. Your patient interaction makes this decision easy. Any man who has your medical credentials as well as business credentials and who has tasted the rich but poor life of the corporate world and chooses to come back to his patients for his soul is – a man easily trusted with our body and soul as patients. You did everything from medical aid authorization to anesthetic arrangements etc etc – all I had to do was arrive.

Your follow ups were regular and catered to my level of knowledge, all of my funny requests for specimens and photos – were endured with a smile – nothing was too much for your patient it seems. I will always be a “walking and continent advertisement for your surgical skill but not only that I will be an ambassador for your humanity as well. Feel free to use my case, reference or link with me as you may have a need to.

Thank you for another lease on life. I always tell my students that “the greatest gift one man can give another is an enhanced quality or quantity of life – it unlocks infinite potential for all concerned”

You do that daily but mostly on Tuesdays….

Kind regards”