Mr K M

David Shenker
March 8, 2017
Mr P H
April 10, 2017

“I am a 67 year-old work-active individual and have been plagued by regular and persistent headaches I would dare say, every other day for more than 15 years. That now, seems to have dissipated. During October 2016 on the advice and insistence of my cardiologist, I underwent an MRI to determine the status quo of my brain. The results confirmed the existence of a pituitary macro adenoma.

As I later understood, any unnecessary delay in performing surgery to correct this condition would at the very least result in partial eye-blindness and/or worst. I was referred to an ophthalmologist who conducted various procedures. He concluded that I was still in possession of my normal optical abilities. The neurologist at Gatesville Medical Centre shared the MRI images with me and advised that further investigation was at that time needed. He recommended I consult Dr. David Roytowski at Christian Barnard Memorial hospital, a physician who, in his opinion is one of the finest neuro-surgeons in the country.

I subsequently arranged an interview with Dr. Roytowski. At our first meeting he explained my condition in some depth. He furthermore sketched the procedure he would follow in removing the tumour which he recommended we do. I became aware of the dangers as well as the positives associated with the procedures and hence I declared my unreserved intention to undergo this surgery.

At that time I was also informed that the procedure required the active services of a supporting medical team. I was introduced to Dr. Pedro Monteiro, an E.N.T. and Base Skull surgeon, as well as to Dr. Zane Stevens, a leading Endocrinologist. My understanding was that the former would provide adequate access to my brain via my nostrils and thereby allow for Dr. Roytowski to remove the tumour. Dr. Stevens would closely monitor the functions of the pituitary gland as well as the results of blood tests. In my understanding of the entire procedure, each medical professional provided essential services without which I dread to say, would not have had the results it achieved.

Prior to surgery, I had in-depth interviews with Drs. Monteiro and Stevens. The pre-surgical and post-operative procedures were literally engrained in my mind before I even entered the operating theatre, and I can unreservedly say that I was mentally and emotionally prepared for the procedure that lay ahead. 15 November 2016 was the day I underwent surgery at C.B. Memorial Hospital. The procedure was successful, thanks to all concerned…and modern medicine… and equipment! It’s been almost 5 months since then and I feel great! I have not experienced any significant headaches or discomfort at all.

I partake in all work and leisure-related activities as I had done previously. I still think clearly and my emotional and psychological state of mind has not altered in any negative ways.
But most remarkable of all, is the post-operative care I am receiving from those amazing doctors. The level of care and genuine concern has re-assured me that I will be fine, come what may! Apart from a testosterone supplement that I am required to receive, my hormone levels are pretty much OK. The understanding that my medical health will be monitored and managed by your incredible team going forward is indeed comforting.

Dr. Roytowski, I thank you for giving me another shot at life, and salute you for your incredible medical prowess.”